• Maintain your wood or log surfaces

    We realize that proper stains need proper application, which is why we use thorough coating techniques.

    Maintain your wood or log surfaces

8.3 Billion

Spent every year refinishing, repairing or maintaining wood structures.

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Absolutely the best finish you can buy!

Looking for a clear wood finish that will preserve the natural beauty of your log, cedar, or wood-sided home? One that will stand up to both the harsh-biting cold winter, as well as the blazing heat of summer? Our products will continue to keep your home beautiful and protected year after year, all without strong pigments that only cover up the natural beauty of your home.

Quality Alaskan Finishes has the answer!

  • Exterior finishes
  • Interior finishes
  • Satin top coats
  • Restoration products
  • Cleaners and wood renewers

Applying the product

The only tools required and recommended are:

  • Roller cage
  • 1-1/4 nap roller cover
  • High quality oil brush
  • 5 gallon paint screen
  • Long arm attachment
  • Extension poles

Never spray this product. A minimum of four consecutive coats must be applied to the entire building.

Maintaining your log structure.

Treat your wood with tender care, because your wood home is not eternal. It can last many decades and retain its good looks if it is cleaned and protected regularly. The worst thing to do is nothing at all.

Quality Alaskan Finishes' premium wood finishes are sold only through Certified Applicators. For a list of Certified Applicators in your area, call us at



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