• Learn how to GROW your business FAST

    Our 3-Day Turn-Key Restoration and Refinishing School will teach you everything you need to know.

    Learn how to GROW your business FAST

8.3 Billion

Spent every year refinishing, repairing or maintaining wood structures.

Sign up for our school and start earning a great income.

Wood structures are everywhere...and they need your help!

Look around you. Wood homes, commercial buildings, fences, and decks are everywhere. Caring for them is an $8.3 billion industry.

Most homeowners don't have a clue as to how to properly maintain them, and most wood finishes on the market are usually improperly applied and do a poor job of protecting the wood.

We can teach you how to help these homeowners, as well as how to make a comfortable living doing so.

Learn to restore, repair, and maintain.

  • Wood siding
  • Cedar siding
  • Log homes
  • Decks and porches
  • Any wood surface!

The QAF Turn-Key Business System

We offer more than just excellent, long-lasting wood finishes and products. In fact, we only make our products available through certified installers who have attended our 3-day Restoration and Refinishing School, where they are personally trained by QAF owner and president, Joe Behling.

Our unique school teaches you our time-tested system for restoring and maintaining any exterior wood surface, including wood and cedar siding, decks and railings, and even high-end log homes. You'll learn everything you need to know to immediately begin earning income from your own wood maintenance business, including:

  • State of the Art Training Facility 
  • Special techniques to clean and restore weathered wood surfaces
  • Equipment needed and where to rent or buy it
  • Hands-on demonstrations of proper use and applications of our exclusive Quality Alaskan Finishes Product
  • Every hour in class followed by an hour of hands on training using equipment and techniques
  • How to estimate and bid on maintenance and finish projects
  • How to create residual and long-term income through maintenance agreements
  • Troubleshooting tips that will save you thousands of dollars
  • The Indispensable Restoration and Refinishing Manual that shows you how to make money restoring and refinishing any wood structure
  • Advertising techniques to increase business
  • How to work on rainy days while others are out of work
  • How a husband-wife team can make a comfortable, year-round living
  • Great opportunity for woman as well as men
  • Guidelines for creating a successful business with very little start-up cost
  • Log replacement techniques
  • Chinking / caulking techniques
  • Knowledge on how to get work immediately to pay for 3 day school
  • A great trade learned in three days versus 4 years college or 4 year trade school






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