• 3 days of training will give you a lifetime of income

    Most students earn their tuition back on their very first job, so why not join them and succeed?

    3 days of training will give you a lifetime of income

8.3 Billion

Spent every year refinishing, repairing or maintaining wood structures.

Sign up for our school and start earning a great income.

Learn a skill that will provide income for the rest of your life.

Combining classroom study with hands-on training, in just 3 days, you'll learn everything you'll need to know to become a wood restoration and maintenance specialist. We'll even teach you how to find, bid on, and win lucrative jobs that will provide years of recurring income from maintenance agreements.

You'll learn:

  • Why most stains, sealers, and coatings on the market fail to provide adequate protection and how to solve and correct common problems that nearly everyone with a wood home or deck faces
  • The secret to keeping wood well-protected and looking pristine for years
  • How to find and price jobs to bring in lucrative income
  • How to find all the tools you need to do professional work without spending thousands you don't need to spend
  • How to keep the wood homes you finish so spectacular that you'll need little or no additional advertising




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May 4th - 6th 2017

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